We serve for the better future

our sustainability measured by the achievements

We have done all documentation to run this NPO legal from 2018. Just few weeks after we obtained our NPO certificate, we managed to get sponsor who is currently hosting our website 3 years now because we stick on our mission and vision. Afrihost is helping us in marketing strategy, having our site on cloud is something that one can trust and know about the organisation.  

2018 VS 2019

Running an NPO it never being easy, it take true of you to sustain in this industry.  2018 was just the beginning but we managed because a wonderful survey we made to identify people in need. 

Patient,strength,ambition you can name them, just something makes you believe you can do it. FBI CEO have it all to ensure we can. Full year operation to serve beneficiary in the centre. 

Tolerance and Love

2020 most recall it as horrible Year to spend your time in.  Most of the FBI achievement was met in 2020. FBI have done so much good things to serve its beneficiaries and we even expanded our services to close the gap of water scarcity in the community. 

Because we meant long run in this organisation. 2020 is the year we have changed thousands of people’s life and provide everlasting services for everyone in the community.