We saw the demand that children living with disability have no ECD to attend. When we do our survey we realized that parents can’t afford the special schools for their children because they require special care, we than introduced FBI SA day care for children with amazing ability. Our staff are regularly train to occupy each and every children regardless of their disability.


  FBI SA provide water to the community from our borehole. We have installed two taps  of water to serve outside of the premise for the restriction entry as we operate weekly with special children. Is being our ambition to serve enough residents with water in the community based on our 61 meter borehole, lack of resources limit our ability in provision of this water to scarcity. 


Every children think that being an orphanage you don’t have purpose in life. FBI SA was found by orphan and introduced to help others. We offer after care which include feeding scheme and school works assistance for orphanage. Therapy is offered  to rebuild fresh minds, acceptance and making one to be come stronger as the chosen one. 

Youth Development


We are playing a great part in connecting FBI SA Youth with the hiring companies and agents to reduce unemployment rate in South Africa. Our major ambition is to bring manufacturing industry in rural areas to avoid overpopulation in urban while one can work locally. Youth seek skills development to encourage and prepare them for employment and self-employment. 

Sports & Recreation

FBI SA offers sports and recreation opportunity for every young person to reveal their talent. We do have soccer, soccer lady, netball, exercises program, gym. Talent is a gift and we just have to offer a space where they can explore, and provide facilities and resources which can enable their ability to achieve in life.  FBI SA every talent is valued. 

ICT, Mechanism & Handwork

Digital Skills development for Youth in rural area, this include computer training, electronics repair, web development and website beginners, online trading program. The facilitation of such mechanism provide life time skills for one to survive in doing wonderful unique job. Provision of such handwork, this improve life of  a child living with disability and enhance ability.

Afternoon Studies

For any child future start as school. FBI SA offers afternoon studying assistance in all subjects for the learners to improve in their studies. The main goal is to see learners achieving and score high marks as required to obtain further studies and enable chances to get bursary. All this facilitation are run at school by under supervision of FBI SA in compliance with school rules.