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Day care and After care


We saw the demand that disabled children have no ECD to attend. When we do our survey we realized that parents can’t afford the special one for their children because they demand special care, we than introduced FBI day care for children with amazing ability at no cost.


Children think that being an orphanage you don’t purpose in life. FBI was found by orphan and introduced to help others. 

We offer after care which include feeding scheme and school works assistance for orphanage.


Currently FBI is providing community with water from FBI borehole. We have two taps outside the fence for the nearby residents to fetch water.

Looking forward to expend this water services by distributing to the distance residents.

Other projects to publish

Transportation for Children who attend school in distance to reduce human traffic. 

Digital Skills development for Youth in rural area,this include computer training for Youth. The facilitation will take place in FBI centre and schools area.  

Youth Development

FBI introduced a youth development project called Community Incubation Agency (CIA). In this project we consider a good behavior and self-representation. The main ambition of the concept is to see Youth United and achieving in future, this include sustainable facilitation (Infrastructure, Technology and Creativity) most of all youth employment.

Slow learners