Freedom Bright Impairment

Disability l Orphanage l Youth l Community 

Water Scarcity

We do wonderful work in serving our community. We do survey in the village and deliver what is needed. is our responsibility to ensure that no matter how long it might takes, but eventual we shall deliver.


FBI have no service rental, the organisation was found to help disadvantaged people and the community in need. Instead we go out and look for help so we can continue to serve for free as our services are offered to vulnerable people. 

Helping have no limit, we welcome everyone who might see our services as their needs and we go indoor to reveal those vulnerable people so we can help them.  No age limit or gender discrimination. Based on disability we accommodate everyone and treat them special.

We prefer you come at FBI premise, the physical address is given under our contact page including a geographic google map that will help you in direction or you can contact us for more information.

FBI is assisting and enabling disadvantaged people by doing excellent work and facilitate trust by:

Transformation of productivity in disabled society.

Tactics of survival independent.

Encourage orphanage.

Creation of employment and self-employment.

Better opportunities for all.

Strength of the ability from disability.